Cause when a relationship ends, you become a different person.

I guess it’s true that it is “after the breakup” you get to know the real person you were with. 

Now that you are gone, it feels like you were never really here at all to begin with. I’m happy for your happiness, but deep down, there’s always that little ache. I am allowing myself to wallow in sadness for a little while. The way I see you happy will be my wake up call to come to my senses. And maybe from there, just maybe, I could detach. Because life goes on and it really is okay, people coming and going, it’s a natural cycle.

Hey Tella! I was just wondering what was the title of the first song in your playlist here? It's so beautiful to hear and wish you could share it. Thank you! Stay lovely. :)

My songs are in random eh. Google it. Sorry. But thank you for appreciating my playlist. :)

i love your playlist! :) what are those songs?

Google ‘em. :)

u r so lovely <3

You are lovelier <3

hi litol gurl

Hi. :)

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If you’re feeling a little sad today, you might want to listen to the playlist I made. :)

I have loved this guy ever since I saw him.

I have loved this guy ever since I saw him.